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Nov. 2021 Survival Outing

2021 participants

Tyler Allred, Houston Hull, Gage Kloft, Colby Schwartz, Mr. Marcon

The Survival Challenge, offered only every 2 years, is a test of your mental, physical and spiritual skills in a challenging “survival situation.”

It is also a Vision Quest, a confrontation with the self, away from others, alone, without screens large and small (tv, computer, cellphones) to distract you from being aware of who you are and who you might be and might become.

The Challenge requires you to stay all alone in a wilderness “survival camp” of your own making for 3 days and 2 nights deep in the Superstitions Wilderness.  You are allowed only the very minimal gear one would bring on a day hike.  You are not allowed a sleeping bag or tent; you can bring only one meal (a “lunch”), and just 2 liters of water.  You carry minimal fire-starting material..  You are allowed no cell phones (or similar).

The purpose of the Challenge is to mimic a typical survival situation in which a hiker gets lost or injured on a day hike and has to survive with his or her day hike gear awaiting rescue, which statistically takes place within 48-72 hours.  At the end of the required time period, the Candidates are “rescued” by members of Troop 323 and friends and family.  You are then required to give your rescuers a one-hour long presentation (timed) on the principles of wilderness survival and how you implemented those principles to “survive.”  This presentation is a key component of the entire weekend.  To teach is to learn twice.

Brown Russell

Oct. 2021 Mount Humphreys Outing

On the weekend of October 15th – 17th, our troop held its Mount Humphreys outing. We had 12 scouts and 11 adults. The weather was COLD, and the mountain was covered in snow. Our troop only managed to make it to the saddle before we turned back. The snow caused the Mountain to be very slippery, causing many to slip. On the return, many stopped and had a snowball fight. When the troop got back to camp, we made dinner and took the rest of the day easy.
In the morning, we went to the Lava Tubes. At the end of the cave, the troop crawled around the tight coves, then headed back up. We climbed around a few surrounding caves. With that, we returned home.

Sept. 2021 – Paddle Outing to CC Cragin reservoir

This was an overnight “paddle-craft” outing to CC Cragin reservoir where Troop 323 and 3323 put in (to the water) in the late morning of Saturday, Sept.18, and paddle 2 miles to Our campsite. We stay overnight on the shore of the reservoir and paddle back to the take-out on Sunday.

All youth and adult participants had completed the BSA Swim test and be classified as a “Swimmer” to participate in this outing.

Before participating in the paddle-craft outing all youth and adult participants had to demonstrate the ability to control a boat adequately and to return to shore at will.

The Paddle Outing was well attended with 17 scouts and 7 adults participating. The event was filled with fishing swimming splashing and of course paddling.

Later in the afternoon, it rained making for a wet dinner experience. Many scouts took cover in natural rock shelters where they cooked and ate their meals. In the end, all returned without any major incidents.

Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Geer for organizing this memorable event!!!

Sept 2021 Canoeing Workshop

For those who needed some practice time in a canoe or needed to demonstrate the ability to return to shore, The Troop held a paddle craft workshop on Sunday, September 12th at Lake Pleasant.

The plan was to start at 9:00 am and go until noon (or earlier if everyone is able to meet the requirement).  It was an “open house” type format, so come as you are able.

We  met at Lake Pleasant near the Two Cows Cove. We where down by the shoreline north of Desert Tortoise Rd.  We had have 5 canoes and life jackets for those that need them.

2021 BumbleBee Ranch planning meeting

August 14 and 15, the PLC is gathered at Bumble Bee ranch to plan out the calendar of events for 2022.

This is the yearly planning meeting where the PLC and other key scouts are invited to participate in selecting the events for the upcoming year. It’s a busy working weekend. The scouts spend most of Saturday reviewing the idea submitted by the troop at the August troop meeting. They spend time discussing the proposed outing’s travel time, cost, difficulty, and type of event. They then vote on the outing before placing it in an appropriate month based on their discussions and the outings attributes. Once the outings are defined they spend time planning meetings that help the troop prepare for the upcoming outings. They also look for opportunities to schedule other activities like the yearly December Fun troop outing.

Along with all the planning, the scouts also share the responsibility of cooking and cleanup for themselves and the Adult leadership. They enjoy some free time swimming listening to music hanging out and in the evening they gather for movies and popcorn.

Sunday after breakfast the PLC takes advantage of being together and holds the PLC meeting for August and finalizes details for the upcoming month. After that is finished they clean up and head home knowing that next year is now planned for the troop.

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