Last year at this time I did a Scoutmaster Minute reviewing what the troop did in 2012. I ended with the question of what 2013 would be like for the troop. Well, we now know! - Scoutmaster David Wright

In January, Erik Bohult became the Troop’s first Eagle Scout in 2013. Our Barnhardt Trail overnight trip was derailed when we learned that ice is slippery, especially when you’re wearing a heavy pack and tennis shoes. Thomas McCarthy completed his Eagle Project.

February was our annual snow trip to Snow Bowl. There was enough snow for skiing and sledding. We did a night hike through the Phoenix Mountain Preserve using GPS to lead the way. There was also Scouting for Food, Merit Badge Roundup, and our Eagle Court Of Honor.

March was our annual Cross-Over Event. Trevin, Robby, Keaton, Sebastian, Zack, Jacob and Nate joined our troop. Sam and Jonathan joined us shortly after that. New Scouts took part in our Spring Church Cleanup.

In April we did our “beginners” backpacking trip to Parson's Spring. Scouts negotiated multiple creek crossings and practiced with their new backpacking equipment. We did tent repair down at the Scout Heard Pueblo as part of our Geronimo Big “G” project.

In May we joined Pack 323 at Dead Horse Ranch for an overnighter. The troop helped teach fire starting, leatherworking, and knot tying skills. The troop produced 6 Dutch Ovens of cobbler dessert for the evening campfire. Coyotes made their presence known at night. There was also our Golf Tournament fundraiser, with coyotes on the fairways.

June was Geronimo. We shared our campsite with Troop 428. Kyle, Ryan, and Kevin all took turns being our SPL during the week at camp. The troop once again earned the Big “G” Gold award.

In July we hiked Havasupai for our first-ever end-of-year trip. Scouts jumped into pools of blue water and played cards on a half-submerged picnic table in the small creek next to our campsite. The day hike out to Beaver Falls saw the Scouts hiking through dense overgrowth at the bottom of a deep canyon, going up and down ladders, and splashing through multiple river crossings. A storm on our way out of the canyon provided some spectacular temporary waterfalls, forcing us to take an alternate route back to Supai Village, and an unexpected overnight stay in the village’s recreation hall sleeping with 300 of our closest Havasupai Hikers, some who were loud snorers. Two members of our group got a 4 ½ minute helicopter ride out of the canyon the next day. Thomas McCarthy got his Eagle Scout Rank.

August was the PLC’s annual planning conference at Bumble Bee Ranch. Heavy rain early Sunday morning flooded Bumble Bee wash forcing us to take the original Bumble Bee stagecoach trail to bypass the wash and get back to the interstate. Stephen Muskatevc did his Eagle project.

September the troop went to Mnt. Humphreys. Out of 13 Scouts, 6 Scouts made it from Lockett meadow at 8,600 ft to the top of the peak at 12,600 ft. Congratulations again to: Eric Struckmeyer, Ryan Lange, Chris Clements, Kyle Spenik, Garrett Wright, and Johnathan Carver for making it to the top. It was very windy at the top and a cloud momentarily engulfed the Scouts as they started down from the peak. Some of these boys saw a black bear cross the trail on the trip back to the meadow. That night high wind demolished many a troop tent. The troop had its first “Eagle Flight Event” pool party in an effort to get older Scouts moving on their Eagle Rank. Ryan took over from Kyle Spenik as our SPL at the Sept COH.

In October the Troop went to Camporee with Pack 323. We visited Fire Station 35 and Mr. Ballou taught his Aviation Merit Badge class. Tyler and Grayson joined our troop.

November was the troop’s annual Troop Leadership Training class. Logan demonstrated the leadership techniques needed to get a group of Scouts to agree on what to order on their pizza. Fossil Springs was a great hike, not too cold, no rain and all sorts of animal nightlife up close and personal. Kyle had the troop spend a damp Saturday morning helping refurbish a Kinkacou habitat at the Phoenix Herpetological Society for his Eagle project.

December’s bike outing started out cold but warmed up. It was a great ride through a beautiful desert area of North Scottsdale. We also had our first troop “hayride” through Moon Valley courtesy of Mr. Perdue. A troop meeting at the bowling alley showed that Ryan Lange is the troop’s top bowler.

Scouts, you were busy last year! I hoped you rested over the holidays, set some goals for the new year, and got prepared because we are ready to start a new year in the troop. It will have its exciting points just like last year, and maybe some low points, but what you get out of it depends on your positive attitude, your willingness to participate, and the leadership that you show. Have a great year! - Scoutmaster David Wright

2013 History

2013 Calendar 2013-In-Review Aviation Merit Badge Bumble Bee Planning Conference Havasupai Geronimo CPR training and Swimming MB Dead Horse Ranch Troop 323 Annual Golf Tournament Parson's Spring Geronimo Big "G" Tent Repair Cross-Over Spring Church Cleanup Eagle Court Of Honor Hatching Eagle Winter Outing Merit Badge Roundup Scouting For Food Barnhardt Trail First Eagle Greenway Cleanup 2012-In-Review 2012 History


Aviation Merit Badge

This year's aviation merit badge course will be conducted one day in October. The class is open to every registered scout 7th grade or above, and every registered scouter. All requirements for the merit badge will be conducted on that one very long day. There is no charge for the class.

Following the class, on subsequent weekends and dependent on the availabilty of Mr. Ballou (Aviation Merit Badge Counselor), you, and the airplane, Mr. Ballou will conduct an "Advanced Orientation" flight. THERE WILL BE A CHARGE OF ABOUT $40.00 FOR THE FLIGHT. Mr. Ballou will conduct these flights throughout the cool months until everyone who wants to go gets their turn.

To register and receive more information, please email our Aviation Merit Badge Counselor, Bob Ballou. Please put "aviation merit badge" on the subject line of your email.

Bob Ballou concludes the popular Aviation merit badge with an orientation flight. Scouts take turns at the controls, with Mr. Ballou in the co-pilot seat, during a flight from Deer Valley airport via Wickenburg and Goodyear, then back to Deer Valley.

February 10

Eagle Court of Honor

Troop 323 formally recognized Eddie Cinin and Brenden Rawlins as eagle scouts. Eagle Court Of Honor invitation

February 9

Hatching Eagle

Thomas McCarthy's eagle project is building a cat tree for Maricopa County Animal Shelter.

Saturday, February 9, the cat tree was delivered, and setup, at the Maricopa County Animal Shelter.

Saturday, January 12th from 9:00am to aprox. 12:00, Thomas, and scouts from troop 323, assembled the cat-tree with screws and wood glue.

I am requesting that only older scouts come to this build as we will be working with battery powered drills and screwdrivers. I also invite any adults with wood working skills to come help build and oversee groups of scouts to ensure safety. A safety lesson and a demonstration of how to use equiptment will be shown before the building begins, so be on time.

Thank you for your support! - Thomas McCarthy

September 29, 2012, Thomas raised funds for his eagle project by organizing a car wash behind Mountain Sky middle school. Thomas is very grateful to all the scouts that worked hard washing cars. Being scouts, some fun was also involved.

January 3

First Eagle

Eric Bohult completed his Eagle Board of Review on January 3, and is one of the first Scouts of the Thunderbird District to become an Eagle Scout in 2013! Eric had a great Eagle Project and worked hard to get all of his Eagle requirements and EBOR completed before his 18th birthday.

Eric's project flyer

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Eagle Project! We accomplished a lot in the expected time frame too! Not to mention all you pizza thieves. You know who you are, don't lie, that pizza was delicious. Again, thanks so much for the help. The dressing rooms turned out great, and the school really appreciates all the work you guys put in - Eric Bohult


Last year at this time I did a Scoutmaster Minute reviewing what the troop did in 2011. I ended with the question of what 2012 would be like for the troop. Well, we now know! - Scoutmaster David Wright

January was our outing to Angel Basin in the Superstations. This was a tough hike that we shared with the Crew. We enjoyed tortillas and honey after a 1000 ft climb up to Tortilla Pass. Scouts used their lightweight shelters and woke in the morning to find frost on their sleeping bags, frozen water bottles and cold fingers.

February was the annual snow outing, which left us all asking “where’s the snow?” Scouts participated in Merit Badge Roundup and Scouting for Food.

March was the annual Cross Over event at Bumble Bee Ranch. We welcomed Riley, Logan, Alex, Chase and Ryan into our troop. We had the usual spectacular bon fire with the new addition of fireworks. It was a long and rainy night resulting in many flooded tents and Scouts sleeping in the ranch’s office next to the stuffed mountain lion. Mr. Ballou held his Aviation merit badge class followed shortly by orientation flights.

In April we did West Clear Creek. Some Scouts saw shooting stars at night. We patched Geronimo tents down at the Scout Pueblo.

May was our Lake Pleasant outing. Fishing, cards and capture the flag in the parking lot at night. Remember our noisy neighbors that kept us up all night? We had our annual Golf Tournament with Scouts hitting golf balls on the practice range as the sun went down and the full moon came out.

June was for Geronimo. We shared our campsite with Troop 613. There were wasps in the Adirondack, the Big “G” Gold award and a car that would not start, resulting in unexpected free time in Payson with trips to the 99-cent store to buy silly string. Brenden Rawlins was awarded his Eagle Rank.

August was the 2013 planning conference at Bumble Bee. After a long day planning the 2013 calendar Scouts played in the pool and watched the movie Avatar. At night, bananas mysteriously disappeared from the kitchen.

In September we went to Aravaipa. Long drive, great trip. The Scouts built a big dam! Did you see the size of that snake? Thank goodness the snake whisperer was with us. Eddi Cini completed his Eagle Project of collecting clothes. Thomas started his Eagle Project of helping the cats with a car wash.

In October we went to Cave Creek Regional camp group for a short outing to fill in for the cancelled camporee. Tanner got up close and personal with a jumping cholla. Eddi Cini was awarded his Eagle Rank (just in the nick of time).

In November we participated in the Crew’s Superstition rescue exercise. Spencer and Spencer survived and where found alive and are still part of our troop. The troop went from having 5 patrols to having just 3.

In December was our Bike outing. It was a beautiful day for a ride through the desert. We hosted Pack 323 and got them excited about joining Boy Scouts.

It was a good year. Thank you Scouts for making this all happen!

What will 2013 bring? It won’t be the same as 2012. You’ll have to wait and see! Whatever 2013 brings remember that it is YOU that will help make it happen and make it unique.

2013 History

2013 Calendar 2013-In-Review Aviation Merit Badge Bumble Bee Planning Conference Havasupai Geronimo CPR training and Swimming MB DeadHorseRanch Troop 323 Annual Golf Tournament Parson's Spring Geronimo Big "G" Tent Repair Cross Over Spring Church Cleanup Eagle Court Of Honor Hatching Eagle Winter Outing Merit Badge Roundup Scouting For Food Barnhardt Trail First Eagle Greenway Cleanup 2012-In-Review 2012 History

Greenway Cleanup
Service Project

Once a month one of the patrols of the troop picks up trash along Greenway Road from 7th street to 19th Avenue. The Greenway rd. cleanup is an excellent opportunity for scouts to earn service hour and also perform a much needed deed.

Bumble-Bee Ranch
Aug 24-25

The annual, Troop 323, Planning Conference will be held on Saturday & Sunday, August 24th & 25th, 2013 @the Big House at Bumble Bee Ranch, the site of our annual Crossover event. Under leadership of troop Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) Kyle Spenik, patrol leaders, scoumaster, and patrol advisors will discuss and plan the troop 2014 calendar. The troop's SPL elect (election @troop meeting Aug. 14) will also attend.

Please submit ideas for 2014 outings to SPL or Scoutmaster before the 2014 planning conference.

Directions, Weather,

CPR training
Swimming MB
All Saints Church
Jun 1, 8am

CPR training (NOT certification) in the morning @All Saints Church.

Following the CPR training, (time & location not yet determined) a couple of Troop 323's more experienced scouts will teach 2nd class requirements 8b and 8c, and 1st class requirement 9c. They will also discuss 2nd class requirements 7a, 7b, 7c, and 8a, and 1st class requirement 9a.

Hopefully, there will also be time for some fun-in-the-pool.

Contact Scoutmaster

May 4

The 500 Club
4707 W Pinnacle Rd

Registration: 1200
Shotgun start: 1300
Dinner: 1700

Cost: $110

Troop 323 Annual Golf Tournament

It's finally here, the event that supporters of Troop 323 looks forward to the whole year. Hang out with high-flying Eagles, both past and present, share stories from the past year, and just relax among friends. Several of Troop 323 legends will be present - again.

Support the Boy Scouts while having fun playing this beautiful 18-hole championship golf course nestled in the secluded foothills of northwest Phoenix. The Brian Whitcomb design is a par 72 layout which offers subtle features that will challenge and excite golfers of all abilities. As customary, the format is 4-person scramble with shotgun start.

Golfer Golf hole

Early bird discount ($10) if signed up before April 25

Questions? contact Sharon

sign up? contact Sharon

Tournament details, Donation Receipt, Donation Letter, The 500 Club, Driving Directions, Weather

"Another successful golf tournament fundraiser! A big THANK YOU to Sharon Haynes for leading the fundraiser this year! Thanks to all of the adults volunteers who worked so hard to put the tournament together. Scouts did a great job getting donations, prizes, and sponsors as well as helping out on the day of the event." - Scoutmaster David A. Wright

Service Project
April 7


Geronimo Big "G" Tent Repair

Fixing the tents we use at Geronimo is one of the requirements for the Big "G" award at Geronimo. Troop 3232 have a proud history of getting Big "G" Gold award at camp; we want to continue that tradition!

Scouts, please bring:
1) Class B shirt
2) Sunscreen, Hat
3) Waterbottle or camelback
4) Sunglasses (optional)

Please bring the following tools if you have them:
1) Push brooms to sweep off basketball court to have a clean surface to work on
2) Scissors capable of cutting medium-weight tent canvas

"We had 9 Scouts and 5 adults participate in this years Geronimo Tent repair service project. Thanks to all who helped. Our Geronimo Scouts now have one of their requirements done for obtaining the Big "G" Gold award at camp this year. One of our older Scouts commented about how fast the new Scouts learned the tent repair process. We finished by 11 am which was just in time to avoid the rising temperature." -Scoutmaster David A. Wright.

Spring Church Cleanup

Service Project
All Saints Church
Mar 16, 8-12am

All Saints Lutheran Church is the troop's chartering organization; it's also the location of most troop-meetings. As a small payback, the troop help with cleaning up the Church grounds.

Spring cleanup project leader:Andrew Muskatevc

"Andrew did a great job of leading us on this church cleanup project. Our main task was to pull weeds on the church grounds that were a result of the recent rains. The Scouts pulled a LOT of weeds! A special thank you to our new Scouts that joined us." - Scoutmaster David Wright

Jan 26
Feb 9
LDS Church 2939 W Rose Garden Ln

2013 Merit Badge Roundup

MB Roundup is an excellent opportunity for scouts to earn three merit-badges in two weeks. The initial session is on Jan. 26; the second, follow-up, session is on Feb. 9.

Please reference Thunderbird District Merit Badge Roundup flyer for details.

Please notify Scoutmaster, by Jan. 15 (or encounter late fee), that you're going and what merit badges you will be taking.

Service Project
hand-out: Jan 29
pick-up: Feb 2

Scouting For Food

Each patrol delivered flyers, on or before Jan. 29, in their neighbourhood asking for donations to BSA's food-drive.

The Scouts of Troop 323 and Pack 323 collected a lot (1,495 pounds) of food on February 2nd; enough to fill the beds of two pickup trucks! Cathy Valle, our 2013 Scouting for Food organizer, arranged to have the collected food delivered to the Desert Mission Food Bank located in Sunnyslope. "Thank you to all the Scouts, Cathy and adults leaders who helped to make this food drive such a sucess!" - Scoutmaster David Wright

Questions? contact Scouting-For-Food coordinator Cathy Valle

Desert Mission "thank you Troop/Pack 323" card

2013 Outing History

2013 Calendar 2013-In-Review Aviation Merit Badge Bumble Bee Planning Conference Havasupai Geronimo CPR training and Swimming MB DeadHorseRanch Troop 323 Annual Golf Tournament Parson's Spring Geronimo Big "G" Tent Repair Cross Over Spring Church Cleanup Eagle Court Of Honor Hatching Eagle Winter Outing Merit Badge Roundup Scouting For Food Barnhardt Trail First Eagle Greenway Cleanup 2012-In-Review 2012 History

July 24-28

Outing fee: $200

Havasupai Canyon backpack

Havasupai Canyon is an off-shoot canyon on the west end of the Grand Canyon. The trip will be 5 days and 4 nights with 3 nights actually in the canyon. We will leave (Phoenix) on the afternoon of the 24th (plan on a 6-hour drive).

We will be walking into the canyon under full moon at 2am on the 25th; it is truly very beautiful under full moon. A stop at first water to play a little before heading into Supai village (8mi hike). We will take care of some book keeping at the village and then continue the other 2.5 miles to the campground at the bottom of Havasupai falls.

There will be a day trip to the Colorado river on the 26th for anyone who wants to join. This hike will pass by Beaver Falls (more swimming opportunities). You may get to hoot at the boats going through the Grand Canyon.

We will start out of the Canyon mid-day on the 27th, rest at the bottom of the switch backs for about 5 hours then tackle the last mile and half up the mountain.

Slots are still available, so to signup, please contact SPL, Don, or Scoutmaster.

Questions? contact trip leader Don Nicholas
Havasupai canyon hike video
Havasupai Canyon Trail

Summer Camp
Jun 15-22

Meet:LOM @0700

Camp fee: $335

Camp Geronimo summer camp

Troop 323 will be at Geronimo this year from Saturday, June 15th, to Saturday, June 22rd (session #3). Once again we will be in our usual campsite, Arapaho (campsite #2). This year we will be sharing our campsite with Troop 428 (Mr. Ballou's troop).

This is a great event for the boys to go on. Ask any boy in the troop who has been before! Boys get to work on merit badges, go hiking, help prepare troop and camp meals, participate in flag ceremonies, do the climbing tower, spend free time at the archery and shooting ranges or swimming pool (all under competent supervision), experience Camp Geronimo campfire programs, and much more.

However, the main benefit is being together as a troop for a week which allows the boys to get to know each other better and work together. It also gives the Scoutmaster a chance to get to know the boys better.

Let me stress that our new Scouts that are crossing over into our Troop this spring from a Pack are encouraged to go! If parents have any concerns about sending a new Scout to camp please do not hesitate to contact Scoutmaster. Please note that parents are allowed to visit us at camp on the weekend.

This year there will be new shower facilities to replace the old ones that were in desperate need of repair.

Final payment for Geronimo is due by Tuesday's 5/14 Troop Meeting.

"Be prepared!", please read Camp Geronimo Parents Letter; it should answer most if not all of your questions about going to camp. It contains information about camp preparation, what to pack, directions, camp contact information, mail, required paperwork, and much more.

Geronimo Flyer, weather, Geronimo Video

map & directions, Important Information for 1st year Geronimo Scouts, Camp Geronimo Parents Letter, Campsite 2 Layout Map, Merit Badge Requirements, Weekly Schedule, All Around Trail Horses LLC DBA

Car Camp
May 18-19


Outing fee: $15

Dead Horse Ranch

Troop 323 is going camping at Dead Horse Ranch state park, together with Pack 323 Webelos, just north of Cottonwood. Even though this is a cushy (running water and water closets) car-camp, there will be plenty of opprtunity for both hiking and fishing.

The Dead Horse Ranch state park is located just north of Cottonwood. It's a very beautiful riperian area along the Verde river. The "lagoon" is stocked with trout every other week through Mars, it also holds catfish. There are also hiking trails, bike trails, picnic areas, or just wading in the cool water.

Adjacent to the state park is a six-mile reach of the Verde river; known as the Verde River Greenway State Natural Area, preserving a unique ecosystem and riparian zone.

Please notify the SPL if you will attend, Mr. Steffensen, or Scoutmaster.

Weather, Maps, Dead Horse Ranch

Apr 20-21


Outing fee: $15

Parsons Spring

This backpack is 5 miles along a cool, clear desert stream set in a magnificent red rock canyon. Sycamore Canyon is a place sufficiently unique to have been one of the first areas protected as wilderness in Arizona. The trail leads through the lower reaches of this wilderness through a riparian area rich in plant and animal life. Colorful cliffs that are a unique mix of dark columnar basalt, red sandstone, and buff colored limestone enclose the lush green of this oasis.

The trail leads 4 miles to a large pool called Parsons Spring where this considerable stream springs to the surface from the underground course it has followed through the majority of the canyon. Many great features combine to make this trail one of the most popular, and one of the most crowded, on the forest. When we visit this truly exceptional place please exercise extra discretion in making sure the impact you create is as slight as possible. We will practice and observe all “leave no trace” guidelines.

There are about 5 water crossings so water shoes are a must on this outing. Water level is normally only about ankle deep but we don’t want any foot issues. If you are a scout and still need requirement #9 for the Fishing Merit Badge. There will be plenty of opportunity and time to work on this item during this trip. Mr. Kloostra or Tanner will help you fulfill this item.

Please note there is no camping with the first 4 miles of the hike up to the main spring and 200 feet beyond so we will be continuing the hike another mile to a predetermined campsite.

The Parsons Spring trip is a great first-time backpack; here are some important reminders about preparing for this trip:

  1. The hike in both directions (to/from camp) will involve several crossings of Sycamore Creek (that's what makes it fun!). Your feet may get wet!. Each Scout must bring a pair of old shoes (or water shoes), especially if you plan on going swimming at the swimming hole. Hiking in wet shoes is not fun! Flimsy water shoes are not a good idea as the bottom is rocky and these types of shoes might not give you good support. An old pair of tennis shoes work fine.
  2. Hiking poles are recommended for the trip to help a Scout maintain balance while crossing the creek. Given the rocky bottom of the creek, having the hiking poles helps to steady you as you cross. Hiking poles are useful for many other hikes as well and so investing in a pair now is worth it.
  3. Pants with zip-off leggings (like your scout pants!) are an excellent choice for this trip. Scouts can take off the leggings before the crossings to keep from getting them wet, and yet have a pair of long pants for in the evening when it will get a little cooler.
  4. Scouts are highly encouraged to bring their backpacks, sleeping bags, and whatever else they think they will be taking on the outing to their Patrol Meeting before the outing, so your patrol can review and make any suggestions. Remember that in packing your backpack you will need to leave some room for patrol equipment and patrol food that you will get the day of the outing. The troop meeting on April 9 is also dedicated to backpacking equipment.
  5. Remember, proper equipment is, usually, the difference between a fun outing, and a miserable outing. The troop will also discuss backpacking & camping equipment, with new scouts and parents, on Cross Over

Please read full Outing Description

Questions? please contact SPL, Mr. Kloostra, or Scoutmaster.

Weather, Directions, Description & Map

"I went on a pre-hike of this area on the 7th and this is the outcome. The water level is down from previous trips but we still have 6 water crossings on our hike. Water shoes are a must on this outing as we may also have time to swim in the cold water for those that want to. There will be swimming but you must wear shoes. Do not use your hiking shoes as your water shoes! And yes, swimming has been approved on this outing. The fishing was a little slower then normal but fish where still caught. The weather should be great for this outing so refer back to the outing plan for weather details. Since the water level is down, there is an increase in algae which increases the bugs. Please note that you need to bring bug spray or bug repellent. The hike back may be a little longer then expected depending on the overall group so we may not arrive back in Phx till around 2:00pm in-lieu of 12pm as noted on the trip plan. Please make sure you bring some cash, usually around $6. in case we get delayed and stop for a fast food lunch on the way back." - Mr. Kloostra, Parson's Spring outing coordinator

"This was a good introductory backpacking outing for the new Scouts. It offered a variety of challenges. Hiking along ledges, water crossings, and good uphill climbs. The troop, especially our new Scouts, did an excellent job." - Scoutmaster David A. Wright.

Bumble-Bee Ranch
Mar 23-24, 2013

Meet:LOM 0700

Cross Over

This is Troop 323’s annual outing where our new Scouts “cross-over” into Boy Scouts and Troop 323. The outing is at the beautiful Bumble-Bee Ranch. This is a car camp that is very family friendly as the site has running water and bathrooms and a wonderful pavilion with tables, chairs, and a stage. There is plenty of open space for playing and camping, and a Ranch House for the adults to sleep in. New Scouts will get their first chance to sleep with their newly assigned patrols. Scouts can sleep in tents or out under the stars.

After arriving at the ranch, the Scouts are quickly employed with structured activities to encourage bonding, advancements, and fun. There will be informational sessions for the adults. On Saturday evening new Scouts cross-over into Boy Scouts in the light of a raging bonfire, courtesy of Willie Fahy. Then by tradition we will chow on cobbler during the famous “Saturday Night Live: Bumble Bee # 323”. Sunday morning will include a sulfurous rocket launch in the cow fields. All Scouts and adults are encouraged to bring all of their model rocket gear (no cows will be harmed in the launching of our rockets). We will depart and return home in time for Sunday lunch.

New Scouts should bring their BSA handbook!!

Scouts and their families are invited. The troop is hosting this outing; there is no outing fee. All food is provided. Parents wanting to stay in the ranch house will need to help chip in for that cost (contact outing leader Sharon Haynes).

Activities for Scouts:

  1. New Scouts are assigned to patrols
  2. New Scouts get trained for “Totin’ Chip” (knife/axe training) and “Firem’n Chit” (Fire training)
  3. New Scouts work on Tenderfoot and 2nd Class Rank requirements
  4. New Scouts “cross-over” into BSA on Troop 323 rope bridge
  5. Bumble Bee Ranch Geocaching
  6. Model rocket building and rocket launch

Activities for Adults:

  1. Introduction to BSA and Troop 323 – lead by Scoutmaster
  2. Review of volunteer positions - lead by Scoutmaster
  3. How to select needed camping/backpacking equipment - lead by Crew 2323 leader
  4. Register Scout/adults for BSA and Troop 323
  5. Purchase BSA uniform patches, Troop 323 class B shirts, hats, and other accessories
  6. Get to know other troop adults


  1. Spectacular bon fire
  2. “Saturday Night Live: Bumble Bee #323” skits
  3. Flag retirement
  4. Delicious food cooked by Scouts
  5. Dutch Oven cooked cobbler

Questions? contact Mitchell Rutherford, Sharon Haynes

Directions, Outing Description, Weather

"This was an excellent outing. The troop did a wonderful job of planning and leading this cross-over. We have a great group of Scouts joining us this year with parents that are excited about getting involved. We had the traditional bonfire, new Scouts cross-over on our rope bridge, flag retirement, skits and cobbler. Sunday morning saw many rockets flying through the sky; some returning to the ground without parachutes. Thanks everyone for making this such a successful outing." - Scoutmaster David Wright.

Car Camp Feb 22-24

Meet@LOM 1630
Depart: 1700
Return: 1400

Cost: $125

Winter Outing

The troop stayed at Camp Navajo Army Depot in Bellemont, west of Flagstaff.

On Saturday, it was downhill skiing or snow-boarding at Snowbowl. The troop had lunch in the parking-lot at Snowbowl, and finished off the day with dinner at Northern Arizona University. On Sunday, it was sledding, at Oak Hills snow play area before heading home.

"There was lots of snow this year for skiing, snow boarding, and sledding. We actually had snow flurries on Saturday night at the Barracks. The boys had a great time. Special thanks to the Falcons for providing Saturday lunch. Also, a big thank you to Sharon Haynes and Paul Foulger for stepping up at the last minute to be drivers for this outing." - Scoutmaster David Wright

Questions? Contact SPL, Clay Cady, Joe Clements, or Scoutmaster

Outing Summary Cost Breakdown Snowbowl parental release Nordic Center webcam Snowbowl snowforecast 2012 Winter Outing 2011 Winter Outing

The cost estimate includes ski-rental and lift-passes.

Please signup on or before the troop-meeting on Feb. 12.

January 19-20

Meet:@LOM 0730
Depart: 0800
Return: 1430

Cost: $10
bring: $8 for lunch

Barnhardt Trail backpack

The Barnhardt Trail is located in a beautiful area in the Mazatzal Wilderness. It is considered “one of the expressways to the Mazatzals” as it links to other trails including the Arizona Trail.

On this one night backpacking trip we’ll start at an elevation of 4200 feet and end at about 6200 feet. We’ll hike just over 6 miles to get to our campsite. The trail is well defined but narrow, and at times hiking along the canyon wall so trekking poles are highly recommended. We’ll be hiking next to Barnhardt Canyon with some very beautiful, seasonal waterfalls.

When we get to the junction of the Sandy Saddle trail we’re halfway to our campsite. We continue on the Barnhardt Trail until we get to the junction of the Mazatzal Divide Trail #23 which is part of the Arizona Trail. Our campsite is less than a half mile north of the trail junction.

There was snow and ice on the trail when I hiked it on 12-22-12 so it’s very important we are prepared. The hike on Sunday returning to our cars is downhill and the 6 mile return hike will be quicker.

This outing will satisfy some of the requirements for the Camping Merit Badge. It will be very important to plan for the weather (possible freezing temperatures overnight), travel lightweight, bring at least 2 liters of water, water filters, layered clothing, sturdy hiking shoes, trekking polies, and other warm weather gear.

Outing Summary, Weather forecast, Barnhardt Trail, Questions? contact outing coordinator Barry Giesemann

The Barnhardt Trail Outing in the Mazatzals Wilderness was advertised as to provide our Scouts with a challenging hike with more than a 2000’ elevation change, hiking in snow, and the experience of dealing with below freezing temperatures at night and being able to function adequately the next morning. The trip certainly provided the Scouts with a challenging hike, but due to a Scout injury they did not end up spending the night.