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Category: Eagle Projects

Gage Kloft Eagle Project

Gage Kloft Eagle Project

On Saturday March 25 Gage Kloft completed his Eagle Project, getting him one step closer to earning his eagle scout rank. Gage worked with the Save Our Mountains Foundation and the North Mountain visitor Center. He put up QR codes that linked to a website with pictures and explanations of the plants and animals in the areas surrounding the trails.

Conner Perdue Eagle Project

On Friday March 11 through Saturday March 12 Troops 3/323 came together with other scouts to help Connor Perdue completed his eagle project, bringing him one step closer to earning the Eagle Rank. Several volunteers gathered at Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church to assist Conner with his project. Conner’s project was to create a concrete trash pad for the Church. Scouts dug out an area for the pad to go and scattered all of the excess dirt. They assisted in creating the forms for the slab. Finally Around 9:30 AM on Saturday a small concrete truck came and poured the concrete. Now it just needs to cure and the Church will have a trash pad that it will be able to use for years!

Haydon Evenson – Eagle Project

March 6, 2020 – Haydon’s Project to build enclosures for rabbits for the human society was a challenge both logistically and emotionally but he stepped up and concord this build wi the help of Mr. Bhrett Perdue and the members of his Troop. Haydon is the first scout in 323 that had to contend with safe distancing protocols during a project and he was more than prepared with individual sunscreen hand sanitizer and packaged snacks to avoid any possibility of contamination. The Enclosures then where produced would make any veterinary facility proud. Good job To Haydon and everyone who turned out to participate in the endeavor.

Ian Marcons Eagle Project Feb 2020

On Feb 15 the troop got out on trail 306 to help Ian and the city of Phoenix perform some much-needed trail maintenance along the section of trail downhill from the old cloud nine restaurant site. The event was well organized and the weather was perfect for getting out on the trail and moving rock rubble and dirt.

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