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Troop Leadership

Scout Leadership

The Troop is lead by the Senior Patrol Leader, who is elected by all Scouts.

A requirement for advancement to the ranks of Star, Life & Eagle is to serve actively in one or more of the following positions of responsibility.  At least 4 months are required for Star, and 6 months are required for Life & Eagle.  Scouts may volunteer, be elected or be appointed by the Scoutmaster or Senior Patrol Leader to a position.  The duration of a leadership position is 6 months with the exception of SPL.  Elections for SPL will be held each September and the term is for 1 year.  Scouts may also volunteer or be appointed to these positions at any time.  Scouts MUST register for these positions (even if elected) with the Advancements Chairperson at the beginning of that position.  Once a Scout has completed the requirements of this position, he must provide documentation to the Advancements Chairperson.

Scouts must complete Youth Leadership Training while in these positions to receive credit.

If you are interested to fill the position, please contact your SPL.

  • Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
  • Senior Patrol Leader
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s)
  • Patrol Leader(s)
  • Assistant Patrol Leader(s)
  • a Order of the Arrow Troop Representative
  • Quartermaster
  • Instructor (Fire Marshal)
  • Instructor (Color Guard)
  • Troop Guide
  • Troop Historian
  • Bugler
  • Librarian
  • a Scribe
  • Den Chief(s)
  • Special Assignments
  • Chaplain Aide

Adult Leadership

To be an Adult Leader of the Troop (also known as a Scouter), an adult must register with BSA and the Troop.

All Outings must have at least 2 registered Adult Leaders in attendance, both trained in Youth Protection.  If the outing involves swimming or water activities, at least one of the leaders must also be trained in Safe Swim and Safety Afloat.  You can obtain the appropriate training and certification on-line at  The Troop encourages all Adult Leaders to take this training.

Adult Leaders may also help the Troop and the Scoutmaster by volunteering for Committee positions. If you are interested to fill the position Even if its is currently filled, please reach out to the Scoutmaster.

  • Chartering Organization Representative
  • Committee Chair
  • Scoutmaster
  • Assistant Scoutmaster(s)
  • Troop Treasurer
  • Troop Secretary
  • Outdoor Activities Coordinator
  • Advancement Coordinator
  • Training Coordinator
  • Equipment Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Order of the Arrow Coordinator
  • Uniform Exchange Coordinator
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