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Introducing Crossover Camp

Crossover Camp is where most of our new Scouts join the Troop.  We are lucky to have found the beautiful Bumble Bee Ranch at Bumble Bee, just north of Black Canyon City, Arizona, for our camp.  Facilities include camp site, ranch house, ramada (for meals, meetings & skits); camp fire, pond, and even showers and flush toilets!

The First Outing of Your Scouting Experience

Crossover is usually held Saturday and Sunday towards the end of March – check out the Calendar for the next dates.  Crossover is Troops annual family outing to welcome new Scouts and their families to the Troop. This is the one outing each year for the whole family.

There will be several exciting activities, including:

  • Stations where Scout skills will be demonstrated and trained.
  • Joining requirements (from the BSA Handbook) will be covered and signed off by experienced scouts first class and above.  This helps with advancement to the first rank of Tenderfoot.
  • Training on fire safety for the whole Troop.
  • For parents – The Scoutmaster and other Troop adults will be available to meet with parents and answer questions about scouting, the Troop and our activities.
  • A special bonfire and crossover ceremony will be held on Saturday night to honor the new Scouts.  The bonfire includes skits and jokes (some of them even funny!).
  • Our traditional Rocket Launch, Sunday morning following breakfast and clean up.  Scouts and family members are encouraged to bring a rocket and launch pad to shoot off their rockets.

Some of our Troop adults direct the patrols in prepare 3 meals for everyone: Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday morning Breakfast.  You are welcome to bring your own cooler and munchies.

New Scouts will be assigned to the New Scout Patrol and camp as a Patrol.

New Scouts should bring:

  • Tent (or contact the Scoutmaster or SPL if you need to borrow or share one)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Clothes appropriate for the weather
  • Class “A” Boy Scout or Cub Scout uniform for Crossover ceremony Saturday night
  • Boy Scout Handbook

Do not buy any new equipment specially for this camp.

Adults and family members will camp together in the main camp area.  Family members only need to bring clothes, and a tent or shelter to sleep in.

At previous Crossovers, the Troop hosted over 80 Scouts and family members combined!  This production takes considerable planning and preparation.  For that reason we need a headcount ASAP.  Please RSVP by contacting the Scoutmaster  and indicating the number of Scouts and attendees in your family.

We usually gather, as a group, at Lookout Mountain parking lot on Saturday morning and travel together to the campsite.  A map to the campground is available at  Departure Sunday morning is at your own speed, before or after the Rocket Launch.  If you do not wish to overnight, feel free to leave Saturday evening. Otherwise, you can expect to be home by noontime Sunday.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Crossover and starting your Scouting experience in a wonderful way.

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