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Category: Meetings

April 2021 Court of Honor

On April 27th, at All Saints Lutheran Church in Phoenix, Troops 323 and 3323 held the first in-person Court of Honor in over a year. The event started with a flag ceremony led by the color guard Colby Schwartz and was followed by the Scout Oath and Law. During this event the scouts received many different awards, for example, Owen Wallace was the only scout to receive his Life Rank. The new scouts got to experience their first official Court of Honor, and all of them received their first rank of Scout. Some of them even received a couple of merit badges. All in all, this was a great experience since we have not been able to do this since Covid struck. It was amazing for the young scouts to be able to participate in their first Court of Honor.

December 2020 Troop Meeting

The PLC selected the Eludesions Escape Rooms for this year’s December Troop meeting. December troop meetings are all about having a good time and the Escape Rooms provided plenty for all. We had enough scouts participate to take on 3 of the challenging puzzles. If you have never done this before you have to give it a try. Good Job to all that made it out to try again another day.

JYLT 2020

Thanks to Mr Don Nicholas the Troops JYLT trainer we have a new group of elidjibal youth to continue leading the other scouts into the future. This years venue ws a little different as we do not have access to the church yet so we where able to get some space in the North Mountain Visitor Center. As usual, the youth did a bang-up job of ordering Pizza and Soda for all.

Thanks again Mr Nicolas

Oct Practice Hike

With Mount Humphreys just a few weeks away the Troops has been busy getting ready for this difficult adventure by hiking the nearby north mountain area. Lots of sun on this hike that had a good turnout in anticipation of what’s to come later in the month.

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