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2022 Eagle Court of Honor

On Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 1:00 pm Troops 3323 and 323 honored 7 scouts that attained their Eagle Scout Rank.

Broc Baney, Houston Hull, Trevor Ceranski, Arjun Phull, Suraj Phull, Ian Marcon, Haydon Evenson

Webster’s dictionary describes an eagle as a large bird of prey with sharp vision and powerful wings, famous for their strength, size, grace, and keen vision. It is the national emblem for the United States. Though the eagle is found throughout the world, it is never found in abundance; it is always rare and it is always a superb specimen.

In Scouting the eagle stands for strength of character, and for knowledge of all phases of Scouting. The eagle represents an understanding of community and nation, and a deep respect for same. The eagle is a symbol of what a young man has done as well as what that young man will do, and will be, when he grows to manhood. The eagle is a leader. The eagle is respected, both by his peers and by his adult leaders.

The EAGLE SCOUT AWARD is the highest award available to youth members of the Boy Scouts of America. It is a recognition by the National Court of Honor, presented through the local council and a local court of honor.

It represents many years of dedicated effort , and the successful completion of a long process which started when the young man became a Boy Scout. It is a demonstration of how people, working together, can truly help mold a young man with a solid sense of leadership, citizenship, and responsibility.

Not every boy, nor every Scout, qualifies for the high rank of Eagle.

The attainment of the Eagle Scout Rank is indeed the highest honor that a Scout may achieve.


April 2022 outing to Parson Springs

The weekend of April 23, our troop went on our first backpacking trip of 2022. We hiked roughly 4 miles, through very overgrown and washed out land. On the hike in we lost the trail, ALOT! But the way back was easier. We had 20 scouts on this trip! We would like to thank all the adults who came on this outing, and just congratulate everyone for completing this vigorous hike.

Spring Church Cleanup 2022

Church Cleanup 

On the morning of Mar. 26th  our troop held this year’s Spring Church Cleanup at All Saints Lutheran Church. We had 17 people who came to help. We did many small housekeeping jobs, alongside some other larger jobs, like power washing the church courtyard. We cleaned the concrete floor, the path to the reflection point, cleaned the playground and windows, and moved all the tables to the correct rooms

The Troop would like to thank CJ Corso for organizing and running the event. Also, all the adults who helped, including Ms. Newell, Ms. Corso, and Mr. Geer. Our final thanks are to all the scouts who showed up to help clean the church. 

Scouting for Food 2022

This year’s Scouting For Food was a major success

with Troop 3/323 and pack 323 gathering over 2,200 pounds of food!!!

Throughout Saturday, morning Feb 5th, patrols went around the community picking up bags of food.  We donated all of the collected food to Mom’s Pantry. They are very appreciative of the food.

Thanks to all the scouts, and adults who participated. Also, give thanks to all the people who donated to Scouting For Food 

November 2021 Survival Outing

2021 participants

Tyler Allred, Houston Hull, Gage Kloft, Colby Schwartz, Mr. Marcon

The Survival Challenge, offered only every 2 years, is a test of your mental, physical and spiritual skills in a challenging “survival situation.”

It is also a Vision Quest, a confrontation with the self, away from others, alone, without screens large and small (tv, computer, cellphones) to distract you from being aware of who you are and who you might be and might become.

The Challenge requires you to stay all alone in a wilderness “survival camp” of your own making for 3 days and 2 nights deep in the Superstitions Wilderness.  You are allowed only the very minimal gear one would bring on a day hike.  You are not allowed a sleeping bag or tent; you can bring only one meal (a “lunch”), and just 2 liters of water.  You carry minimal fire-starting material..  You are allowed no cell phones (or similar).

The purpose of the Challenge is to mimic a typical survival situation in which a hiker gets lost or injured on a day hike and has to survive with his or her day hike gear awaiting rescue, which statistically takes place within 48-72 hours.  At the end of the required time period, the Candidates are “rescued” by members of Troop 323 and friends and family.  You are then required to give your rescuers a one-hour long presentation (timed) on the principles of wilderness survival and how you implemented those principles to “survive.”  This presentation is a key component of the entire weekend.  To teach is to learn twice.

Brown Russell

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