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Sept 2021 Canoeing Workshop

For those who needed some practice time in a canoe or needed to demonstrate the ability to return to shore, The Troop held a paddle craft workshop on Sunday, September 12th at Lake Pleasant.

The plan was to start at 9:00 am and go until noon (or earlier if everyone is able to meet the requirement).  It was an “open house” type format, so come as you are able.

We  met at Lake Pleasant near the Two Cows Cove. We where down by the shoreline north of Desert Tortoise Rd.  We had have 5 canoes and life jackets for those that need them.

2021 BumbleBee Ranch planning meeting

August 14 and 15, the PLC is gathered at Bumble Bee ranch to plan out the calendar of events for 2022.

This is the yearly planning meeting where the PLC and other key scouts are invited to participate in selecting the events for the upcoming year. It’s a busy working weekend. The scouts spend most of Saturday reviewing the idea submitted by the troop at the August troop meeting. They spend time discussing the proposed outing’s travel time, cost, difficulty, and type of event. They then vote on the outing before placing it in an appropriate month based on their discussions and the outings attributes. Once the outings are defined they spend time planning meetings that help the troop prepare for the upcoming outings. They also look for opportunities to schedule other activities like the yearly December Fun troop outing.

Along with all the planning, the scouts also share the responsibility of cooking and cleanup for themselves and the Adult leadership. They enjoy some free time swimming listening to music hanging out and in the evening they gather for movies and popcorn.

Sunday after breakfast the PLC takes advantage of being together and holds the PLC meeting for August and finalizes details for the upcoming month. After that is finished they clean up and head home knowing that next year is now planned for the troop.

2021 EOY outing to San Jacinto Mountain

July 8 -11 A total of 7 Scouts and 6 Adults enjoyed a four-day backpacking trip at San Jacinto Mountain. This was an end-of-the-year scouting trip and was an amazing way to end the year. The event started with an Aerial Tramway ride. This is the world’s largest Tramway with rotating tramcars. It travels over two and one-half miles along the breathtaking cliffs of Chino Canyon, transporting riders to the pristine wilderness of Mt. San Jacinto State Park and ending at the Mountain Station—elevation 8,516.

The scouts completed over 24 total miles of trails, and approximately 5000 feet of total elevational gain in all.

Day 1 – Into camp 3.5 miles 1930 Ft gain
Day 2 – Loop 10.8 1930 Ft gain
Day 2 – out and back option 5 miles 1300 Ft gain
Day 3 – Summit 6.6 miles 1956 Ft gain ending at the 10,834 ft peak
Day 4 – Back to tram 3.5 miles all downhill
Total of 24.4 miles and 5,816 ft of elevation gain

Camp Geronimo 2021

Back in the saddle again!

This year 323 and 3323 sent 27 scouts and 7 adults to session 2 for a most excellent summer camp experience.

323 – 20 Scouts and 4 adults
3323 – 7 scouts and 2 adults

2021 introduced the troop to a new campsite and a new way of doing Geronimo. This year we occupied Camp Site 6 and 7 and we operated as a cohort moving as a group rather than individuals from one activity area to another. This provided an opportunity for the Scouts in the troop to bond as a unit and make new friends with other scouts in the same cohort. The new campsites provided a shoddy retreat from the other areas of camp where the troop could spend time working on service projects and merit badge homework, or just hanging out for a friendly card game.

The troop did many hikes and events as a group including the Totem to totem Hike, East Webber Trail, Tiger eye navigation course, Polar Bear Swim, Tenderfoot run, and more.

Six of our Scouts participated in Brown Sea Island, completing most of the requirements needed for Tenderfoot Second and first-class in addition to earning the swimming and fingerprinting merit badges.

May 25th 2021 Troop meeting and egg drop contests

Rules for the Egg Drop Contest: 

The device must be able to protect an egg from breaking after falling at least one story. If your egg survives, you will move on to the next round which is one story higher 

The device must not exceed 8” cubic area (8” x 8” x 8”). 

The following requirements are given for the loading of the device: 

  • The devices should not be loaded with an egg before the competition.
  • All devices should be designed to be easily loaded by a third party at the
  • competition, i.e. within l minute or less. (This factor may be used to determine a 
  • winner.)
  • If there are special instructions for loading the device, these instructions should be provided on a regular 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper

The following materials are not allowed in the design: 

  • Any type of parachute contraption (designs must be able to free fall) 
  • Packing peanuts 
  • Metals (except for conjunction items such as screws, staples, paperclips, etc.), 
  • glass, chemical containers,
  • Styrofoam (with the exception of whole Styrofoam cups), and thick wood (such as 2×4) and any food products.

Congratulations to the winners

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© 2022 Troop 323 & 3323 Phoenix - BSA Scouts of America
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