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April 2021 Horton Springs

On April 17th-18th 2021 troop 323 and 3323 went on a backpacking trip to Horton Springs along the Horton Creek trail in the Tanto National forest. 13 scouts attended, and for many, this was their first backpacking experience. The scouts set up camp only to find out the original area they choose to camp was closed due to the presence of endangered Mexican spotted owls. After reviewing the new information the PLC members chose to relocate about a mile and a half away back down the trail. The scouts had fun on this trip cooking their meals, filtering Creek water and for many encountering, such a special species was very exhilarating. The round trip was 8 miles and they climbed over 1400 feet during the course of the hike.

April 2021 Family Camp W/P323

On April 10th and 11th 2021, our troop was invited to the annual Family campout hosted by the cub scouts of pack 323. The cub scouts got to experience different campout activities such as the 3-mile hike to a wind cave. They also participated in the different jobs that are required on a campout. They had to learn to cook and work with their fellow cub scouts to accomplish different tasks. They were introduced to what troop life is like on a campout. The scouts had a great time and it was impressive how well they handled themselves on this campout. This two-day trip prepared the scouts for future troop outings.

VP Flagstaff Extreme 2021

This last weekend 3 of the Venture Patrol scouts headed up to Flagstaff for the annual VP Flagstaff Extreme outing. All three completed the course taking home the coveted black course tee.

This is not for the weak of heart. Check it out for yourself

Congratulations to all the participated!

Crosover 2021

Back after a year off the Troop once again took over the ramada at bumblebee ranch for a weekend of introductions, training, fun, and good times.

This year’s Fire was provided by our own Lucas Whitsell our current Fire Marshal. Saturday night skits were a big hit and the PLC manage to keep everything on schedule! Thanks to all that came out for the good times and thanks to all the new scouts that crossed over into the Troop.

Haydon Evenson – Eagle Project

March 6, 2020 – Haydon’s Project to build enclosures for rabbits for the human society was a challenge both logistically and emotionally but he stepped up and concord this build wi the help of Mr. Bhrett Perdue and the members of his Troop. Haydon is the first scout in 323 that had to contend with safe distancing protocols during a project and he was more than prepared with individual sunscreen hand sanitizer and packaged snacks to avoid any possibility of contamination. The Enclosures then where produced would make any veterinary facility proud. Good job To Haydon and everyone who turned out to participate in the endeavor.

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