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Category: Leadership

Conner Perdue Eagle Project

On Friday March 11 through Saturday March 12 Troops 3/323 came together with other scouts to help Connor Perdue completed his eagle project, bringing him one step closer to earning the Eagle Rank. Several volunteers gathered at Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church to assist Conner with his project. Conner’s project was to create a concrete trash pad for the Church. Scouts dug out an area for the pad to go and scattered all of the excess dirt. They assisted in creating the forms for the slab. Finally Around 9:30 AM on Saturday a small concrete truck came and poured the concrete. Now it just needs to cure and the Church will have a trash pad that it will be able to use for years!

2023 Scouting For Food

A major element of the Scouts BSA is volunteer work, and on February 4 troop 323 and 3323 had another great year of scouting for food. Troop 323 has hosted an annual food drive for Mom’s Pantry (13440 N Cave Creek Rd). Scouts passed out flyers promoting this event the week prior to the food drive. Then on the day of the drive scouts collected bags of food from people’s houses in total they collected 1,911 pounds of food.

Wow, that’s a lot of food!!!

2022 Planning Retreat

2022 Planning Retreat at R-C Scout Ranch on August 13 & 14.

For the first time in troop history, the well at Bumblebee Ranch ran dry and they had to cancel our reservation. Mr. Geer found alternative accommodations at R-C Scout Ranch where we will spend the weekend in the Van Ness Lodge. The lodge has 6 bedrooms with a total of 32 beds, so everyone was able to sleep in beds.

This is a working weekend where the Scouts spend most of Saturday
determining the troop’s 2023 outings schedule and main events for troop
meetings. There was free-time Saturday afternoon after the planning
session was done. Hiking to Box Canyon, swimming in the swimming hole, and nighttime basketball were all enjoyed by the Scout leadership.

Food was supplied by the troop (planned by Mr. Geer and cooked by the Scouts). Sunday morning the PLC meets to organize the events for September.

It was a treat to hold this special event at a new location. Thanks for the quick planning, Mr. Geer!!!

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