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2022 December fun meeting

Dec 22 Arcade night

This year’s December troop fun meeting was held at Starfighters Arcade. Located at 4840 E. Jasmine St., Mesa, 85205, it was approx 45 minutes away.

All machines are part of a personal collection that grew too big for a warehouse so they rented old office space and set up an arcade with all the games. There are more than 100 upright arcade games and more than forty pinball machines. During the party all games were free to the troop, so no one needed to bring quarters.

Thank you to Wyatt and Ms. Newell for planning such a fun event!!

Dec 22 Bike Outing

Dec 22 Annual Troop 323 Bike Outing

This was a 27+ mile cross-country mountain bike ride through the pristine desert of north Scottsdale, starting at Browns Ranch Trailhead and ending at the McDowell Mountain Regional Park on the edge of Fountain Hills

The Troop met at LOM school on Friday evening and then drove to McDowell Mountain Regional Park Youth Group Campground to set up camp.

Saturday morning we drove 30 minutes to Brown’s Ranch Trailhead. We started our ride at Brown’s Ranch trailhead. We stop at points of interest and had lunch at ‘Balanced Rock’, which is about halfway thru the ride. After lunch, we continue the ride back to McDowell Mountain Regional Park via the Delsie Trail and then on to the youth campsite in time for dinner.

Sunday morning after eating and packing up camp the troop once again had the option to do a short bike ride on the park’s “Sports track” a fast-flowing trail.

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