Bike Outing
Dec 12-13, 2015

We had 16 Scouts, one guest youth, and 12 adults participate in this years Bike Outing. Everyone completed the ride, with some folks doing a couple of additional more difficult sections as well as riding all the way to camp. As in years past we experienced some rain on the ride and at the campground. The Scouts cooked using Dutch Ovens for both dinner and breakfast. Thank you to our ride leaders Simon Wright, Dale Thomson, Paul Foulger and David Marcon. Also, a big thank you to Raquel Perdue for purchasing and prepping the food for the outing.

Horton Springs Backpack
Nov 21-22, 2015

This was a challenging hike! Scouts hiked a total of just over 16 miles total and had a low-to-high elevation gain of 800 ft. Lunch was on a fantastic vantage point looking out over the rim. There was snow on the ground at one point as we got closer to the springs. It was going to be a cold night. Scouts setup their camp, filtered water, cooked dinner, and went to sleep by 8 pm. They got up at 6:15 am in the dark and cold to pack up their stuff, eat breakfast and be ready for an early departure. A challenging but rewarding trip.

Oct 23-25, 2015

The Thunderbird/Firebird District Camporee was "Arizona's Ninja Scout Warrior" on Hardscrabble Mesa, West of Strawberry, AZ. There were uniform inspections, competitions, campfires, and lots of fun.

Humphrey's Peak Hike
Sept 18-20, 2015

This was a car camp with an extensive and challenging hike at high elevation, including an ascent of Mt. Humphreys which, at 12,600 feet, is the highest point in AZ. In late September the aspens were turning gold, making for some fine photo opportunities on this outing. Humphreys Trail is steep and long and extremely rocky in its higher reaches. Above treeline it exposed us to the whims of nature.

Yearly Planning Meeting
August 22-23, 2015

On August 22nd, the troop’s Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), Patrol Advisors, and other troop adult leaders met at Bumblebee Ranch to plan the outings and troop meetings for 2016. This takes a lot of time and discussion to make the troop's activities run smoothly over the next year.

Colorado River Rafting
July 20-25, 2015

The troop is safely back from Moab! Scouts/adults that floated Tue-Thurs floated a total of 39 miles. Scout/adults that did the optional West Water Canyon trip on Friday floated a total of 56 miles for the week. There will be plenty of stories to tell when the troop gets back together in the fall, including the story of the Kayak rescue on Wednesday of the trip, and the ordeal of the flipped paddle boat in the rapids on the more challenging West Water Canyon Trip. The troop made new friends with the Scouts from Troop 131 (Palm Desert, CA) who where also on the river trip. Our river guides and adults from both troops commented on how well the two troops interacted and quickly developed friendships.

Summer Camp 2015
Jun 13-20

Camp Geronimo Summer Camp

The staff and troop leaders were very helpful and good at teaching the merit badge classes. It is a learning experience for everyone.

The scouts in our troop get to explore different activities like Horseback Riding, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Swimming, climbing the Climbing Tower, cooking a meal in camp, and performing skits.

There are a lot of responsibilities that go along with going to camp. Each day a different patrol is responsible for a different aspect of maintaining the camp and doing their part of the work. This teaches each scout that his part helps the whole troop.

It is nice to be away from home for a week to experience being outdoors and independent. Many scouts look forward to it every year.

Cabin Loop Trail
May 15-17, 2015

Troop, You should be very proud of the scouts who weathered the elements this past weekend. We had a great time while facing Snow, Cold, Starting Fires with wet wood and living on the edge. It was a beautiful as it was challenging. We should try Yellowstone in the WINTER. GO 323 you are the best. - Mr. Nicholas ASM

Dead Horse Ranch
May 2-3, 2015

Troop 323 had a car camp at Dead Horse Ranch State Park with Pack 323. Everyone had a great time biking, fishing, and performing skits at the campfire. The Dutch Oven desserts were amazing!

West Clear Creek
April 18-19, 2015

Troop 323 always goes on an easier hike for the new scouts so they can see what it is like to go on a backpacking trip. West clear creek is a relatively easy hike. It has a few river crossings and was about 3 miles. This was a good opportunity for the new scouts.

Greenway Cleanup
Service Project
April: Gorfs

Every month a different patrol cleans up Greenway Parkway from 7th Avenue to 19th Avenue. We pick up trash and make sure that it is clean.

Service Project
April 11

Depart 7:15am
Return 1:00pm

Geronimo Big "G" Tent Repair

Fixing the tents we use at Geronimo is one of the requirements for the Big "G" award at Geronimo. Troop 3232 have a proud history of getting Big "G" Gold award at camp; we want to continue that tradition!

Scouts, please bring:
1) Class B shirt
2) Sunscreen, Hat
3) Waterbottle or camelback
4) Sunglasses (optional)

Please bring the following tools if you have them:
1) Push brooms to sweep off basketball court to have a clean surface to work on
2) Scissors capable of cutting medium-weight tent canvas

Crossover at Bumblebee Ranch
March 21-22, 2015

Every year we welcome in the new scouts from Pack 323 into the Troop at Bumblebee Ranch. This year we had 8 new Scouts crossover into the Troop. When we get to Bumblebee we set up camp then we start to help out the new scouts with some of their tenderfoot requirements. When we are done with that we relax a while until it is time to eat dinner and get ready to watch the flag ceremony and the new scouts crossing over the rope bridge. Then we have cobbler for dessert. In the morning we have breakfast and launch rockets that we built the day before. It is all a fun experience while we welcome our new Scouts into the Troop.

Ski Outing
February 2-3, 2015

Every year the scouts of troop 323 look forward to the annual ski outing. On this outing the troop heads up to Snowbowl in flagstaff to go skiing and snowboarding. This is one of the most looked forward to outings of the year besides Geronimo. After the scouts are done on the slopes they head to NAU (Northern Arizona University) to eat dinner from a variety of restaurants.

Sycamore Reservoir Hike
January 17-18, 2015

This year troop 323 went for a backpacking trip in the Sycamore Reservoir. The hike in was 5 and a half miles as we hiked along a “beautiful” highway. Later on however the trail lead us to an old Japanese internment camp were we got to have lunch. After that we continued onward away from civilization to our campground.