Bike Outing
December 13-14, 2014

Every year troop 323 goes on the bike outing. This year the bike outing was in the McDowell Mountain Regional Park. We rode for 12 miles through pristine desert until we got to the break off point at which if you wanted you could continue onward another 8 miles. The rest of us who broke off went to our camp site and waited for the others who had continued onward to return. Once they returned we ate corn chowder and chicken with rice prepared by Mrs. Perdue.

Superstitions Survival Outing
November 22-23, 2014

Every two years Crew 2323 invites Troop 323 to their survival outing. They pick a handful of eligible scouts to survive in the Superstition wilderness for three days. Each scout is about half a mile from the next. Two days after they are taken out there we hike into Crew 2323’s base camp. The next day we get up, have breakfast, and hike out to find them. Then we hike back to the cars where the survivors are much relieved to be back to civilization.

Aviation Merit Badge


Every year Mr. Ballou generously teaches the eligible scouts of Troops 323 and 428 about Aviation and what it takes to fly a plane. He teaches us about the principles and mechanics of airplanes and what makes them fly. We get to look at various types of airplanes, do experiments, and get to see what the inside of an airplane looks like. A few weeks after he teaches the class he takes three of us up at a time in his airplane and lets us fly. It is really fun and I am sure all the boys in both troops enjoyed it.

Fall Church Cleanup

Service Project
All Saints Church
October 4, 8-12am

Every couple months, Troop 323 gives back to the church for letting them use one of their rooms for our meetings. We clean up garbage, pull weeds, and do other things to improve the wellbeing of the church. This time troop 323 helped the grounds keeper replace a broken pipe in the parking lot.

Andrew Muskatevc - Troop 323 newest Eagle
October 2, 2014

There are now two Eagle Scouts in the Muskatevc family! On October 2, Andrew Muskatevc passed his Eagle Board of Review and is Troop 323's newest Eagle Scout.

The addition of Andrew to the listing can be viewed in the Eagle Roster.

Aravaipa Backpack
September 20-21, 2014

Two years ago Troop 323 hiked in to Aravaipa and in September we did it again. Troop 323 hiked 4 miles, 2 of which were in the Aravaipa River. We saw two rattlesnakes, a few deer, and a turtle. The adults relaxed while the boys played in the creek and the mud. We cooked in patrols and did a competition called the iron chef challenge were we have to cook food that includes a mystery ingredient predetermined by the PLC.

Eagle Project - Basket Assembly
August 30, 2014

Andrew's Eagle Project is to make 25 gift baskets to donate to the neonatal ward at Phoenix Children's Hospital. These baskets contain items new parents need; including baby shampoo, baby powder, wipes, and candy.

The Scouts worked together under Andrew's leadership to assemble the baskets from the assortment of items that Andrew gathered.

Greenway Cleanup
Service Project
October: Gorfs

Every month a different patrol cleans up Greenway Parkway from 7th Avenue to 19th Avenue. We pick up trash and make sure that it is clean.

Troop Meeting
Moon Valley Park
April 4, 7-8pm

Equipment Practice, Camping & Backpacking discussion, Board-Of-Reviews

Contact Scoutmaster

Contact Advancement chair to schedule board of review

Troop Meeting
All Saints Church
May 22, 7-8pm

Troop 323's formal recognition of rank-advancements and merit badges.

Contact Troop 323 Advancement chair

Geronimo Summer Camp discussion

Contact Scoutmaster

CPR Training for Swimming MB
All Saints Church
May 31, 8am

CPR training (NOT certification) in the morning at the Lange's Home

Following the CPR training, (time & location not yet determined) a couple of Troop 323's more experienced scouts will teach 2nd class requirements 8b and 8c, and 1st class requirement 9c. They will also discuss 2nd class requirements 7a, 7b, 7c, and 8a, and 1st class requirement 9a.

Hopefully, there will also be time for some fun-in-the-pool.

Contact Scoutmaster

Troop Meeting
All Saints Church
Aug 13, 7-8pm

Troop kick-off, SPL election, ideas for 2014, Board Of Review(s)

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Contact Advancement chair to schedule board of review

Service Project
April 7


Geronimo Big "G" Tent Repair

Fixing the tents we use at Geronimo is one of the requirements for the Big "G" award at Geronimo. Troop 3232 have a proud history of getting Big "G" Gold award at camp; we want to continue that tradition!

Scouts, please bring:
1) Class B shirt
2) Sunscreen, Hat
3) Waterbottle or camelback
4) Sunglasses (optional)

Please bring the following tools if you have them:
1) Push brooms to sweep off basketball court to have a clean surface to work on
2) Scissors capable of cutting medium-weight tent canvas

"We had 9 Scouts and 5 adults participate in this years Geronimo Tent repair service project. Thanks to all who helped. Our Geronimo Scouts now have one of their requirements done for obtaining the Big "G" Gold award at camp this year. One of our older Scouts commented about how fast the new Scouts learned the tent repair process. We finished by 11 am which was just in time to avoid the rising temperature." -Scoutmaster David A. Wright.

Summer Camp 2014
Jun 14-21

Camp Geronimo Summer Camp

We learned a lot this summer at Camp Geronimo. The staff and troop leaders are very helpful and good at teaching the merit badge classes. It is a learning experience for everyone.

The scouts in our troop get to explore different activities like Horseback Riding, Rifle Shooting, Archery, Swimming, climbing the Climbing Tower, cooking a meal in camp, and performing skits.

There are a lot of responsibilities that go along with going to camp. Each day a different patrol is responsible for a different aspect of maintaining the camp and doing their part of the work. This teaches each scout that his part helps the whole troop.

It is nice to be away from home for a week to experience being outdoors and independent. Many scouts look forward to it every year.

First Water and Lost Dutchman State Park
April 26-27, 2014

The day started out a little wet, but the troop continued ahead with the hike for what soon turned into a great hiking day. The Superstitions always offers beautiful views everywhere you look.

The troop hiked 6 miles on Saturday, and then an additional 2.4 miles on Sunday morning at Lost Dutchman State park.

The new Scouts did an excellent job with their backpacking equipment and proved to be good hikers. We had some creative and diverse meals being cooked by the patrols for dinner and breakfast. Thanks to the troop's older Scouts for providing leadership this weekend.

Troop Yard Sale
All Saints Church
Nov 8, 6am-2pm

Please start cleaning our your closets and garage for items to donate. Adults and 4 to 6 Scout volunteers needed. Scouts who did not participate in 2014 popcorn fundraiser encouraged to volunteer.

Contact Sue Sawyer

Previous Yard sale master plan

Car Camp
May 18-19


Outing fee: $15

Dead Horse Ranch

Troop 323 is going camping at Dead Horse Ranch state park, together with Pack 323 Webelos, just north of Cottonwood. Even though this is a cushy (running water and water closets) car-camp, there will be plenty of opprtunity for both hiking and fishing.

The Dead Horse Ranch state park is located just north of Cottonwood. It's a very beautiful riperian area along the Verde river. The "lagoon" is stocked with trout every other week through Mars, it also holds catfish. There are also hiking trails, bike trails, picnic areas, or just wading in the cool water.

Adjacent to the state park is a six-mile reach of the Verde river; known as the Verde River Greenway State Natural Area, preserving a unique ecosystem and riparian zone.

Please notify the SPL if you will attend, Mr. Steffensen, or Scoutmaster.

Weather, Maps, Dead Horse Ranch

Eagle Court Of Honor
All Saints Church
Apr 6, 2-4pm

Please join us in honoring Troop 323's most recent Eagle Scouts: Coleson Clemons, Eric Bohult, Thomas McCarthy and Kyle Spenik.

All scouts attending this Eagle Court of Honor please remain in the vestibule with the Color Guard, rather than being seated. All scouts will be part of the procession into the sanctuary and remain standing during the Scout Oath, Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation. Once you and the Color Guard are dismissed by Wesley Bohult, you may be seated in the Troop area. Reception following Ceremony

A live bald eagle, courtesy of Liberty Wildlife, will be on a perch in the court-yard before the ceremony.

Contact Patty McCarthy

Chicago Basin - Mt. Windom Outing
July 9-14, 2014

This summer Troop 323 went to Colorado to hike into Chicago Basin and up the 34th highest Mountain in Colorado, Windom Peak. Windom is 14,088 ft. tall and is located in the San Juan National Forest. In total 18 people made it to the top, 8 scouts and 10 adults.

When we got up to Colorado we camped just outside of Durango preparing for the trip. The next day we got onto the Durango –Silverton Train to go to the trailhead at Needleton where we would depart for the 6.5 mile hike to Chicago Basin. When we got to Chicago Basin we set up camp, ate, and went to bed.

The next day our patrols had the choice of either going to Columbine Pass, Twin Lakes, or staying in camp. Most people went to Columbine Pass because we would be going to Twin Lakes anyway the next day on the way to the summit. On the way back down from Columbine Pass there was an abandoned mining cave with an old shack out front. Inside it was cold and wet. Some people went in a few hundred feet and took pictures.

The following morning we had to get up at 6am (5am Arizona time) to get ready to hike to the summit of Windom Peak. At some points we had to hike through deep snow and scramble up slick rocks. Everyone who planned on making it to the top made it. When we got back to the camp people were exhausted.

The next after the train ride back we got to camp at the United Campsite in Durango. They had hot showers, working toilets, and Wi-fi, people were relieved to be back.

Mount Humphrey Training Hike
June 27-29, 2014

We hiked up Mount Humphrey’s to prepare for the week long trip to Chicago Basin in Colorado, a 6.5 mile long hike one way.

To simulate the conditions of when we hiked up Chicago Basin we started hiking in full packs at the elevation of about 8,000 ft. and ended at 11,500 ft. about the same as we did in Colorado.