Mountain Bike Outing
Dec 14-15, 2019

We start our ride at the Brown Ranch trailhead. The ride is structured as a main ride through the area with multiple opportunities for more experienced riders to break off from the group to do more challenging sections and then rejoin with the group. We will stop at points of interest such as "The Amphitheater" and have lunch (probably) at "Balanced Rock". After lunch we continue the ride to the next trailhead, Fraesfield Mtn Trailhead, about 3 miles east of the Brown's Ranch trailhead, and comes at about 14 miles into the ride. This trailhead is at about 132nd street and the bike trailer will have been moved to this site while we are on the trail. Scouts who have had enough can opt out here and load their bikes on the trailer for a ride to the campsite. The rest of the group will continue an additional 8 miles south on 130th St. to the Tom Thumb Trailhead and from there into McDowell Mountain Regional Park to the Delsie Trail and to the group campsite in time for dinner.

Survival Outing
Nov 16-17, 2019

This year the troop will once again be participating in the "Survival Man" exercise hosted by the former members of Venture Crew 2323. This exercise involves Scouts/adults participating as either "survivors" or "rescuers". The exercise requires Survival Participants ("survivors") to stay alone in the Superstition Wilderness Area near Phoenix for 48 hours with only the gear, food, and water they would take on a normal day hike. The purpose of the exercise is to mimic a typical survival situation in which a day hiker gets lost or injured and has to survive with only his day hike gear while awaiting rescue, which statistically takes place within 48-72 hours. This year’s survival participants Scouts/adults are: Elliot Hull, Jordan McCormick, Ian Marcon, Haydon Evenson and Mr. Wright. The remainder of the Troop (Scouts and Adults) will participate in this exercise by being the Rescuers for the "lost" survival Scouts. On Saturday, November 16th, you and the other "rescuer" members of Troop 323 will backpack 2.3 miles from the "Miles" Trailhead to a base camp at the Oak Flat area. The hike is relatively easy on a trail that is on mostly flat ground. It should take less than 2.0 hours to complete. The hike should not be a problem for anyone with "normal" physical capacities.

White Tanks Outing
Oct 19-20, 2019

General Description of Outing: A weekend car camp outing designed to engage Pack 323 scouts. The Troop scouts will work with Webelos II scouts on skills and activities including a two mile hike along the Waterfall Trail. GPS navigational exercises/Geocache. Camp Fire, Skits and more. Cooking will be by troop.

Houston Hull - Troop 323 newest Eagle
Sep 12, 2019

On September 12th, Houston Hull passed his Eagle Board of Review and is Troop 323's newest Eagle Scout.

The addition of Houston to the Troop's Eagles can be viewed in the Eagle Roster.

Caleb Wright - Troop 323 newest Eagle
Sep 12, 2019

On September 12th, Caleb Wright passed his Eagle Board of Review and is Troop 323's newest Eagle Scout.

The addition of Caleb to the Troop's Eagles can be viewed in the Eagle Roster.

Parsons Spring Outing
Sept 21-22, 2019

Parsons Spring is a Backpacking trail in along Sycamore Creek with water crossings and swimming holes. General Description of Outing: A overnight backpacking trip along Sycamore Creek, North west of Camp Verde. This hike is 4 mile out and 4 mile back hike Along trail #144. The hike to/from camp will involve several creek crossings that are fun and challenging. Water in the creek at the crossings is between 4 inches and 2 feet deep. Good water shoes are required for these crossings (do not use hiking shoes!). Trekking poles to maintain balance and Scouts pant (or similar) with zip-off leggings are highly desirable for the crossings. Scouts might want to pack items in the main compartment of their backpack in a large heavy-duty garbage bag to help keep items dry in case any "mishap" occurs during a crossing.

Yearly Planning Meeting
August 17-18, 2019

On August 17th, the troop’s Patrol Leaders Council (PLC), Patrol Advisors, and other troop adult leaders met at Bumblebee Ranch to plan the outings and troop meetings for 2020. This takes a lot of time and discussion to make the troop's activities run smoothly over the next year.

Camp Geronimo
June 8-15, 2019

Troop, This year was truly an adventure for all of us. A bear in camp. Not one but two forest fires, Big G Gold for both 323 and 3323. Congratulations to all that made it happen! I would like to thank the PLC for their leadership over the week. Our SPLs Haydon and Emily led their troops to Big “G" Gold witch is no small feat. Adult leadership and volunteers, Without you this could not have been possible. Thanks to each and every one of you for your support and patience. You helped make my first year camp experience as Scout Master possible and I will never forget that.

Knoll Lake Outing
May 18-19, 2019

On Saturday, May 18-19th, Troop 323 Scouts went on Overnight backpacking trip along Babe Haught Trail #43 - Upper segment from FR300 to Knoll Lake. This hike is an out and back hike from FR300 trailhead to Knoll lake and back. At camp Scouts will have an opportunity to complete a 5-mile map and compass hike. There was time to work on rank requirements plus free time, including Fishing and the Fishing merit badge.

Hackberry Springs Outing
Apr 13-14, 2019

On Saturday, April 13-14th, Troop 323 Scouts went on an in and out and back hike from the First Water Trailhead Hackberry Springs. The hike to/from camp involved hiking along a creek bed. There was water in the creek, so there was a good chance of getting wet.

All Saints Church Cleanup
Mar 31, 2019

On Saturday, March 31st, Troop 323 Scouts participated in the semi- annual church survace at All Saints Lutheran. The scouts painted curbs in the parking lot. Troop 323 is grateful for the amazing support provided by All Saints and we are glad to help keep the church looking great.

Bumblebee Crossover Outing
Mar 23-24, 2019

On Saturday, March 23rd-24th, Troop 323 Scouts participated in the Troop 323’s annual Cross-Over Outing where our new Scouts “cross-over” into Boy Scouts and Troop 323. The outing is at the beautiful Bumble Bee Ranch. This is a car camp that is very family friendly as the site has running water and bathrooms and a wonderful pavilion with tables, chairs, and a stage. There is plenty of open space for playing and camping, and a Ranch House for the adults to sleep in. Scouts can sleep in tents or out under the stars.

Ski Outing
Feb. 8-10, 2019

This year's 323 Troop Ski Outing was very fun and cold. When they reached Flagstaff, they stayed in the Fort Navajo Army barracks. On Saturday, the scouts skied and snowboarded at Snowbowl. A delicious lunch was served in the parking lot, tail-gating style! After a beautiful sunny day on the slopes, everyone enjoyed dinner at NAU. On Sunday morning, the Troop cleaned the barracks then left for Phoenix.

Scouting For Food
Feb. 2, 2019

During scouting for food we put out flyers asking people to donate canned food through BSA. A dew days later we collected all the food. It was a great turnout and it will help many people in need.

Eagle Court of Honor
Jan 26, 2019

On January 26th, 2019; the families of Alexander Nicholas, Donovan Pichon II, Elliot Hull, Keaton Marra, Colin Steffensen and Chase Ordog held an Eagle Court of Honor at Shadow Rock United Church of Christ. The ceremony was great and everyone had a great time.

Lynx Lake Outing
Jan 19-20, 2019

On January 19-20, 2019, ten Scouts and four adults backpacked and camped at Lynx Lake under a Blood Moon. It was definitely a cold weather outing. By 7 pm it was 31 degrees. The scouts were almost able to start the fire with a bow drill. They were able to start the embers, but unable to make the transfer. They hiked and enjoyed gold panning and classifying dirt. They also held a Board of Review for Colby Schwartz.

Venture Patrol Land Navigation Outing
Jan 13, 2019

This weekend 2 Scouts from your Venture Patrol did the annual Land Navigation Outing. Keaton Mara and Ian Marcon successfully navigated 21 miles of the Agua Fria National Monument Beginning and Ending at Badger Springs Trail head. While Navigating, they encounter Cows, Thick Under Brush, ROCKs and Cacti, and Rain.

The Land Navigation Outing Test the boys ability to use A Map, A compass and a GPS to successfully find their way through the monument. They must plan every the navigation route via 13 waypoints. They are given the maps a the Trailhead off they go. Next time you see Keaton or Ian, ask them what it was like.

Special Thanks to Mr. Wright for creating and providing the Maps. Here are some pictures from the outing.

Broc Baney - Troop 323 newest Eagle
Jan 10, 2019

On January 10th, Broc Baney passed his Eagle Board of Review and is Troop 323's newest Eagle Scout.

The addition of Broc to the Troop's Eagles can be viewed in the Eagle Roster.

Greenway Cleanup
June 28, 2018

On June 28th the Gorfs participated in the Greenway Clean Up. Each month our patrols take turns picking up trash along our adopted area of Greenway road. The Gorfs patrol braved the 100+ heat to collect 6 bags worth of trash. We are glad we can help keep our neighborhood looking clean!