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Geronimo 2023

Summer Camp

Another great year at Geronimo.

Every Scout who attended summer camp this year had an amazing Summer Camp Experience. This year we occupied campsites 18 & 19. The new scouts participated in brown sea island, providing them with all the skills tehy will need for their future scouting. Older scouts got to participate in merit badge classes. As a troop, Scouts took hikes, participated in the polar bear plunge, and went to the trading post. I think we can all agree we appreciated how much better the food was this year. Both troops won Big G Gold this year!!!

May 2023 West Clear Creek

May 2023 Backpacking Trip

On May 20-21 troops 323 & 332 took their last outing of the year at West Clear Creek. Luckily the water levels were not too high, so the trip was not canceled. The trail has many water crossings, and the campsite had watering hole to swim in.

April 2023 Tent Repair

April 2023 Tent Repair

Earning Big G Gold.

On April 9th, troops 323 and 3323 went up to Heard Scout Pueblo for a service project. Scouts were repairing the tents that are used at Geronimo during the summer. This service project is one of the requirements to earn Big G Gold this year at summer Camp.

April 2023 Court of Honor

Court Of Honor

On April 25th Troop 323 and 3323 held a court of honor at All Saints Lutheran Church. During the Court of Honor, scouts get to recognize for their accomplishments over the past few months, including ranks and merit badges earned. Most of the new Scouts earned their Scout rank, and several older scouts earned various ranks. This is the last COH for this scouting year, at the next one we will be welcoming two new SPLs and two new scoutmasters!

April 2023 R-C Family camp with pack 323

R-C Outing

April 22-23 was the annual R-C outing with the Pack. Troop 323 and 3323 joined Pack 323 at Camp R-C for their last outing of the year. They took hikes, the older scouts taught skills to younger scouts, and Mr. McCauley cooked a delicious meal. Also, there were scouts skits, and corny jokes in the amphitheater. The pack had a fun time hanging out with the troop, and they can’t wait to crossover. 

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